Why Are The Assholes Winning?

Bad ideas are taking over the world. Why is this happening?

Colin Horgan


If Elon Musk were the only asshole we had to put up with, things might be tolerable. At the very least, we might have the energy to deal with him. But it’s not just Elon — he’s just bought the biggest platform for assholes who, since the news of his eventual purchase of Twitter, have cheered another victory.

In fact, it seems like everywhere you look, there are more and more assholes who keep getting more and more of what they want accomplished — to the detriment of most others. Why is that?

For instance, there’s a bunch of assholes who also happen to be U.S. state governors who keep passing legislationessentially trying to outlaw children from being gay or trans — or from even talking about it. At the same time, a lot of other assholes — including a lot of parents — are trying to ban books from school reading lists and library shelves. Even more legislative-type assholes are trying to make abortion illegal everywhere. That’s even before you count the assholes on the Supreme Court. Some assholes are even sending women to prison for medically-assisted miscarriages. And there’s another group of (perhaps overlapping) assholes funding some of those other assholes.

Then there’s also a loud group of phoney-victim assholes who attack journalists online or by buying ad space in Times Square to intimidate other journalists. One ringleader of those assholes is a bow-tied asshole who gets to host a TV show every night where he does stuff like tell millions of people that Vladimir Putin isn’t an asshole. Putin, who is obviously an asshole, uses the bow tie asshole in his own propaganda.

There are also tons of other assholes trying to convince everyone to join their vast, energy-wasting digital currency pyramid scheme. Adjacent to them is another bunch of assholes who believe in an insane online fairy tale about the a deep state cabal. Related to them is another group of assholes who keep driving around cities honking their truck horns or revving their motorcycle engines. Many of these assholes also think the pandemic is over, or never existed, and will scream at you as if it’s your fault that it’s not.