Alex Jones Doesn’t Have An Audience

What he’s created is something much more difficult to stop

Colin Horgan


image by Sean P. Anderson via Wikimedia Commons

Among the many surprising things about Alex Jones’s recent trial (he was being sued by the parents of children slain at Sandy Hook — an event he long mislabeled as a hoax — for defamation and emotional damage) was that it didn’t stop him from broadcasting his show every day. Between his time in court, he would go back to his studio, get behind his desk and microphone and in front of the live-streaming cameras, and start talking. And he would talk about the trial.

One particularly stunning day in court was when the attorney representing Sandy Hook parents, Mark Bankston, revealed Jones’s lawyers had accidentally sent him the entire contents of Jones’s phone. Bankston said he would give the file to the House committee investigating the January 6th Capitol invasion, and he suggested it would be of interest to other “various federal agencies and law enforcement.”

There is a reason that the fists that smashed the windows of the U.S. Capitol were clutching smartphones.

On his show later, Jones downplayed the in-court revelation, as well as the possibility that anything related to January 6th would be found on his phone (the latter of which appears to be true, as the last text included in the file was reportedly sent in mid-2020). The whole thing — Bankston’s prosecution and the media interest it generated — was, Jones told his viewers and listeners, part of a much broader conspiracy. “This is insane. Totally and completely insane. And it’s the globalists using lawyers at every level of society and bureaucracy… to just shut down all their competition,” Jones said. “And so, what’s being used against me is going to be used against you.”

Jones’s trial ended last Friday. On Monday, the FBI raided Mar-a-Lago, Donald Trump’s residence in Florida. The two events are not connected, but it was impossible to listen to some of the reaction to the FBI raid Monday and not hear echoes of Jones. “If this is what they’re able to do to the former President of the United States, think about what they can do to you,” Lara Trump said. “If they can do this to President Trump, what do you think they can do to the rest of us?”…